Sewer and Water

Don't Get Sewer Blockage

Trust our team in Bluffton & Findlay, OH to handle your sewer repair

A sewer blockage requires a professional repair. KC Plumbing and Rooter LLC has more than a decade of experience with sewer repair work. We'll come out to your property in Bluffton & Findlay, OH to assess the problem. From there, we'll work to repair it before it causes any lasting damage to your property.

Contact us today to schedule sewer repair service.

When should you schedule a sewer repair?

When sewer lines are damaged, leaking or blocked, it can create a serious problem for your property. You need to schedule sewer repair work as soon as possible if:

There's pooling water in your yard.
You notice a strong odor on your property.
Your utility bills are rising.

These could be signs of a sewer blockage. Make an appointment with KC Plumbing and Rooter in Bluffton & Findlay, OH today by calling 419-324-2443.